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Find Me

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September 2021

The Find me series is based on a project where I am trying to simply Find Me. During the pandemic like many of us we were stuck at home, forced to slow down, and at times reflect. Some may have hated the experience, others loved it. For me I used the pandemic to ask myself an existential question that I still ask myself till this day which is Who am I? During the pandemic I was able to legally change my name which was such a surreal moment for me. With each picture representing a form of my new self. Run is myself, eluding from my past and about entering into a new era of life that I will get to live with my new identity. Connect is about the people I will encounter embracing my new identity without any fear. Believe is what I need to do as I continue my journey into the unknown. Stance is no fear in sight, just strength and confidence with those who support me. Free is understanding that it's okay to not always have a plan, that living in the moment with friends is good enough.

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