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The Ya no Tengo Miedo series is a very emotional project for me due to the fact that I am really diving deep while trying to intertwine my cultural identity as well as my queer identity. Ya no Tengo Miedo is a conversation with myself in trying to understand where I come from and what it means to me to be a Queer Latine. I have always felt so disconnected with my latin heritage and believed that I did a disservice to myself to not know or want to know more about my roots. There was this feeling that I would be ridiculed for learning so late. This dress holds symbolic meaning as it tackles the tension between the feminine and masculine traits and who should be wearing it. Ya no Tengo Miedo is more than just a learning point for me, more so, it is about the many people who are or were in my position of feeling afraid to be considered a failure, a burden, or worthless. This body of work is me rising towards the fear of feeling such a burden to myself and where I come from. The sunflower also holds symbolic meaning as I always saw the sunflowers as uplifting, hopeful, and vivacious. Let these sunflowers be a sense of reminder that we are all beautiful and shine in our own ways. And even through all the sorrow and pain there is still hope.

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April 2022

Ya No Tengo Miedo

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